What is Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) ?

Applied Behaviour Analysis is the science of changing socially significant behaviour.

ABA is not a therapy of its own.

Rather, it is the application of a range of different techniques and strategies designed to increase adaptive behaviours while decreasing problematic ones.

Simply put, ABA is the art & science of good teaching.

When it comes to autism intervention, Applied Behaviour Analysis is the treatment of choice.

In fact, it is the only scientifically valid treatment for autism and has been endorsed by the United States Surgeon General.

ABA is considered internationally as ‘best practice’ methodology and is rated as ‘established’ in the research rating on the Raising Children Network website: https://raisingchildren.net.au/autism/therapies-guide/aba.

Every single child is unique.

​When children are diagnosed with ASD or developmental delay, their intervention programs need to be individualised to address their unique set of behavioural deficits and excesses.

At ASD Community Support, our ABA programs are individually tailored for your child to address all areas of development including:

  • Communication skills
  • Social skills
  • Self-Care (grooming, toileting, dressing, sleeping) skills
  • Leisure and Play skills
  • Behaviour Management & Emotional
  • Regulation skills
  • Academic & Pre-academic skills
  • Complex Language skills

All decision-making must be guided by data and evidence.

​Intensive early behavioural interventions are designed to make rapid, observable and measurable progress.

We use data to track the acquisition of new skills and the reduction of challenging behaviours and associated risks.

Skilled clinical staff analyse the data taken in therapy sessions to map your child’s progress, track acquisition rates and troubleshoot if improvements are slow or stall.